Explaining solicitors fees for selling a house

What are solicitors fees for selling a house?. Get Quotes - See a detailed breakdown of our solicitor's fees.

Solicitors Fees For Selling A House - Explained

The fees that a solicitor will charge you for selling a house will fall in to TWO main categories:

The Legal Fee

The first category is the legal fee. The legal fee is the fee the solicitor will charge you for their professional services. They can quote you a fixed price for this, as they know with a reasonable degree of certainty how much work is involved in a typical conveyancing case.

legal fee for selling a house


The second category is the disbursements. Disbursements are where all of the other costs and charges will be buried. This will include some unavoidable charges, such as the Land Registry fee (which is fixed) and the cost of searches. However, some solicitors hide other charges here such as: completion of forms, photocopying fees and other such items. You need to watch out carefully for this.

disbursements for selling a house

VAT (Value Added Tax)

Some items on your quotation will not attract VAT - and therefore your TOTAL will contain a mixture of VAT, vatable charges, and non-vatable charges. This is why your total may look lower than expected.

Included Items

Be careful AgentQuote.co.uk quotations include the following items:

  • No-completion no-legal-fee

  • Redemption of your existing mortgage

  • Professional indemnity

  • Dealing with your mortgage lender

  • All postage and printing

  • Completion of your stamp duty land tax (SDLT) form

Many other conveyancing comparison websites don't include these items in your fee - and will either not show them on your quotation (and charge for them later) or will add them as extra chages on your quotation.

included items

Good News

The good news is this: The AgentQuote solicitors show you a totally transparent quote, with no unfair, hidden costs. The price you see is the price you pay.

Get quotes, and view the details to a full disclosure and breakdown of fees and charges.

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Even though the sale fell through twice, this is no reflection on the service we recieved from Jenny at Chadwick Lawrence. She was very prompt in all aspects of the process, kept us up to date and answered queries almost immediately in most cases. I would not hesitate to recommend them.. Client, GU35 0. Rating: rating: 5 stars September, 2012

Beaumont Legal

really pleases with the service. Client, LN6. Rating: rating: 5 stars June, 2010

David Porter & Co

This was the first time that I have had to deal with the conveyancing process so I was not quite sure what to expect. However, Melanie soon reassured me and I always felt able to contact her for advice. Everything was dealt with in a friendly manner and I would have no reservations about recommending your firm to others.. Client, CM23. Rating: rating: 5 stars October, 2010

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

An excellent service. They were helpful, responsive and always kept me up to date on the progression of my case. Chadwick Lawrence helped me to exchange and complete on my flat in 5 days. A big thank to Suzy Jarzyna for the professional service she provided and the countless times she responded to my calls when I thought I would not complete on time. I would definitely use this company again and would highly recommend them to everyone. . Client, E18. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2011

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Very helpful, always willing to answer any of our questions and was very good in keeping us Upto date of our progress as we had several delays.. Client, BH11. Rating: rating: 5 stars February, 2012

Beaumont Legal

Communication was effective and responses were prompt and very efficient. If there were any comments I could add, I felt that as a buyer only, our needs in pressing for a completion or exchange date werent dealt with as a priority and that we were left in a very reactive position in response to dates and situations arising from the sellers solicitors (who seemed very disorganised and neglectful). Perhaps this isnt necessarily the fault of our conveyancing but just one of those things under the circumstances.. Client, HR2 0. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2012