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Furse Sanders & Taylor01271 812811

Should I use a Braunton solicitor for my conveyancing?

There's no real need to use a solicitor located in Braunton to do your conveyancing. Your whole case can be managed efficiently by post, email and telephone.

Why use a Braunton Estate Agent?

There is a recent trend of Braunton home-owners trying to sell their own properties. Many websites now offer services to assist with this, but at, we still believe there is great value in using the services of a good local estate agent to market and sell your property.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether to find an estate agent to help you market and sell or let your property.

Achieve The Best Value for your Property

Estate agents with experience in Braunton have a good understanding of the Braunton house marketplace, and will help you with getting the highest selling price for your home.

Braunton Estate Agents Are Natural Sales People

It takes a special kind of person to be a good sales person. It takes charisma, a winsome manner, good character, and perhaps even good looks. These are sometimes things that many of us find in short supply. If you're lucky your local Braunton estate agent will be in possession the attributes of a good sales person, and close a sale for you faster and at a superior price than you could manage on your own!

Because we're all very proud of our houses

Property viewers can often be a brutal bunch, stalking around the house like celebreties, making rude assessments and pulling discontented facial expressions. Even the best of houses are sometimes in for criticism, just for the reason that the first's like is another person's dislike. For this reason it is perhaps for the better to let a Braunton estate agent show property viewers about your house - and leave them to filter back to you any worthwhile feedback. No one likes to have their home criticized by strangers.

Years Of Experience

Years of experience in the Braunton area will give your agent the edge when trying to find a buyer for your property. They will know the location of local amenities, the local schools, which areas are well thought of and the pricing and sales trends. They will also be able to advise you of the best price that can be achieved in the area if various improvements are made to a property, and how much to reduce by to get a fast sale.

Author: Terry Davies

Selling Tips

Be Realistic About The Current MarketHave Realistic Expectations With Respect To Current Market Conditions - As with many markets in the UK, the housing marketplace in Braunton was better in days gone by. You need to be sensible about the true asking price of your property if you're wanting a rapid sale. This may be troublesome, especially if you stretched too far on your mortgage when you originally purchased your property. Consider discussing your circumstances with your local Financial Adviser, and with your estate agent to agree a sensible valuation for your property.

Modernise dated fittings.Modernise dated fittings. - It's arguable that some folk love "dated". The majority don't. If your house is looking more 80s than "now" you may want to consider zapping the worst offenders. Nasty wallpaper can be covered with a lick of paint, cupboard doors and tiles can also be painted over, and door handles are easily replaced. Braunton property hunters will mainly prefer a "blank canvas" to a scheme that sticks out as being dated.

Take Energy Efficiency SeriouslyDo something about your energy Efficiency - If you're selling your home then Braunton applicants will be looking for homes with energy efficiency, as these properties will be less expensive to keep, and faster to re-sell at a later date. A good Braunton property agency should be equipped to advise you on this matter and point you in the right direction for upgrading your house to be improved so as to be energy saving. The selling process now requires that an energy assessment inspector will visit and assess your house for its current and future potential Energy Efficiency Rating and an current and potential Environmental (CO2) Impact Rating. This certification is required before to marketing your property.

Clean your windowsClean your windows - If your windows or mirrors are looking grubby, consider mixing some white spirit vinegar with a little water and washing up liquid, popping the mixture in a spray-bottle and giving your windows and mirrors a clean. (use this cleaning tip at your own peril!). The washing liquid will act as a de-greaser and the vinegar will act as an anti-foamer / streaker. Grubby windows or mirrors will create a bad impression on Braunton property buyers.

Author: Terry Davies

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James Benning Estate Agents
4 Caen Street, EX33 1AH
Webbers Property Services
9 The Square, EX33 2JF
Phillips Smith & Dunn
14 Caen Street, EX33 1AA
Faviell & Co
4 Caen Field Shopping Centre, EX33 1EE

Food For Thought

How long does the whole legal procedure take ?
This is one of our most regularly made enquiries and sadly, there is no straight answer as it depends on many different factors. The most straightforward type of house sale is the one of an unoccupied property to a cash purchaser. This would probably take around six weeks to conclude (from the time of instruction with a solicitor to when the property becomes the new owner's property). If the buyer requires a mortgage, this may add a few weeks to the process. If the purchaser is also acquiring a property, this could add two to four additional weeks and perhaps even longer if there is an extended chain of related sales. Further delays could come about from missing documentation, slow Braunton conveyancers and sluggish buyers and sellers. An average completion timeframe is roughly 10-14 weeks.
The World Wide Web and Agency Web Sites
Undoubtedly the Internet is an invaluable resource in the world of property and a professional agent will be well-versed in adopting the best hi-tech to make sure that your house is displayed to the most applicants. A knowledgeable Braunton agent should be publicising your house on the top notch property web-sites. The potential for people, who are not necessarily registered as an interested buyer with your estate agent, to display an interest in your property will be very much increased if your selected agency is actively embracing IT. Appraise the agents' own Internet site and ask the question if it appears to be professional enough for potential buyers to desire to carry out a search on the site. Ensure you're satisfied that the search engine is usable and that the returned properties are well displayed. Are the full property details accurate and attractive and are all associated images of an acceptable quality?
Most importantly, is the website speedy enough? A sluggish , ineffective and difficult to navigate Internet site where web pages and pictures take an age to download will discourage almost all visitors who could be anxious to quit such a website and never return.

Author: Terry Davies

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Beaumont Legal

The process went fairly smoothly apart from one letter that was sent to me in error. I would use your service again as it was competatively priced and offered good value for money (especially compared to conveyancing suggested by lender).. Mortgage Broker, RH14. Rating: rating: 5 stars May, 2009

Beaumont Legal

I found that being able to do everything electronicall and on'line was fantastic. My queries were answered very promptly and felt like I was kept up to date with the progression of my house purchase. I would definitely recommend you to others.. Client, HX6. Rating: rating: 5 stars June, 2010

fwdlaw associates

Very happy with the service but should tighten up on the typing errors. Client, BA1. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2011

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Stress free purchase. Thank You. Client, ME12. Rating: rating: 5 stars September, 2013

Stephensons Solicitors LLP

Very pleased , good value. . Client, TN7. Rating: rating: 5 stars May, 2013

Beaumont Legal

Sale and Purchase complete witin 5 weeks. Fantastic communication by email, phone and post. Sarah Goodwin was very on the ball. A very positive experience.. Client, CV5. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2009