Helping you to generate more listings

About AgentQuote for Estate Agents

About AgentQuote for Estate Agents AgentQuote is a system designed to generate market appraisal leads which can obviously result in your business achieving increased sales listings.

What we do...
We advertise this service over the Internet to property owners who wish to sell or rent their properties.

We invite you to complete a profile of your business in order to attract the interest of the seller.

If your profile appeals to the seller/owner they will invite you to contact them to undertake a market appraisal of their property.

Leads are distributed to estate agents based upon postcode region coverage. You can presently list up to 10 postcode areas per branch at nil cost.

Free Account Credits
To maintain this service on a free-to-use or introductory basis we may credit each registered branch with free credits. Credits are issued at our discretion.

Promoting your business
This is a totally unbiased system. We do not weight the responses in favour of any particular agency but we do feature/promote agents who have completed profiles over any others. We do not apply a charge for completing a profile.