Why Get Conveyancing Quotes?

By far the simplest option when buying or selling property is go directly to your nearest, family or estate-agent recommended solicitor. But there is a very strong case for shopping around, and obtaining quotations from a number of different solicitors.

Selecting Conveyancers To Ask For Conveyancing Quotes

If you plan to buy or sell a house you will need to engage the services of a conveyancer.

There are three main ways you can do this.

A conveyancer is usually a solicitor or somebody who works within a conveyancing department of a firm of solicitors who is overseen by a qualified solicitor who has specialist knowledge of the conveyancing process.

Option 1

You can engage the services of a licensed conveyancer who will also be able to do the same work but you may find that there could be restrictions or conditions imposed, usually by the mortgage lender, as to what they would deem a suitably qualified body to undertake the work. Some lenders will insist that the conveyancer must have a certain certification or be a member of a specific association in order to reach that level of approval.

Option 2

You could undertake the conveyancing work yourself. There are specialist 'packs' available or books of instruction that advise you what to do and may even contain actual or sample forms which are to be used in the filing processes linked to conveyancing. It is fairly rare for somebody to choose this option as the risks involved outweigh the benefits in cost savings, should you make an error.

Option 3

In most cases you would want to appoint a solicitor to do this work for you. Usually a solicitor is found through the estate agent making a recommendation to you, Sometimes and in a lot of cases you would likely prefer to engage the services of your family solicitor or somebody else who has come to your attention by way of recommendation.

However you decide to source and appoint a solicitor it would likely be best to obtain a quotation in respect of the professional fees to be charged and the extra expenses that will be incurred. These expenses are commonly referred to as disbursements and they include necessary costs for obtaining searches and similar.

In a lot of cases you could use the Internet to find a solicitor. Most solicitors now have websites and some of those sites will be able to give you an automatic quotation for online conveyancing services . This conveyancing quote will include legal fees, disbursements, compulsory registration fees such as Land Registry filing fees and all applicable VAT.

Similarly to house and car insurance 'Comparison Websites' there are also some decent comparison sites that specialise in finding you a conveyancing solicitor by generating a series of conveyancing quotes online. One such site we found to be good was the agentquote.co.uk site. This website gave us a range of conveyancing quotes for a sale, purchase or remortgage transaction at very competitive prices. We spoke to a couple of people who had obtained a conveyancing quote off the site and some of them stated that they had received conveyancing quotations where they could save as much as £500 by using this site rather than using a local solicitor.

We also used the telephone and rang around and we found that there was a wide variation in the total price of each conveyancing quote we received from each solicitor firm. Very few of them were able to get anywhere near the low prices we obtained through our Internet conveyancing quote so we wondered if there was a difference in the level of service offered. Quite simply, by obtaining a conveyancing quote online and instructing the online solicitor to proceed, they will likely have automated systems that will issue the required pre-contract paperwork in the form of an electronic PDF which will be emailed to you within hours of obtaining your conveyancing quote. You sign the Acceptance of Terms of Business form and normally return a deposit payment with the form to the conveyancing solicitor. The solicitor will inform you of all the searches that they recommend you should make before ordering them on your behalf. All of these costs should be in line with the conveyancing quote you initially received so there should be no surprises or extra charges that your solicitor has not already advised you of.

Once final contracts have been drawn up these will be sent to all parties by post to sign so there is never any real need to ever meet the conveyancing solicitor who did the work for you. It can all be efficiently and correctly administered online and through registered courier post.

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