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Conveyance - What is it?

Conveyance is the documentation and accompanying details and supporting forms for the transfer of title of ownership of property from one individual to another. Conveyance can also mean the act of transferring one property into the name of a new owner.

This conveyancing work can be undertaken by a firm of solicitors, licensed conveyancers or more unusually by an individual.

Traditionally, it would be wise to ask for the conveyance of a property to be handled by a local solicitor but this can also easily be dealt with by a "remote" legal firm ie by a company not in the location of the client.

Only recently, using an "out – of – town" solicitor for the conveyancing has overtaken using the local option. This is due to many factors, among them being the removal of the necessity of an individual to have to sign documents in front of a solicitor as part of the conveyance. This can now be done at the end of the conveyance by signing paperwork in front of any qualifying witness.

The proliferation of online Conveyancing websites have also had a huge effect on the number of people using a remote solicitor.

Legal firms offer a wide variety of services and dealing with the conveyance of residential property may be only one of their fields of expertise.

Other areas include matrimonial, commercial, litigation and employment law. It is sometimes the case, though not always, that firms offering a wide range of services can be more expensive for Conveyancing. This is why it is essential to shop around for the best Conveyancing fee.

The conveyancing of any property is a relatively straightforward process these days and can be conducted with skill and efficiency by any qualified person.

Much of the information needed for the process can now be accessed online by the person running the case and this is removing the need for home owners to actually possess the deeds for their property as an example. Properties which have changed hands since 1985 are now all registered at the Land Registry and eventually, all properties will be registered.

This has made the conveyance much easier as it removes the need to courier deeds to solicitors when selling a property.

Searches are now much more easy to conduct with the arrival of the Internet and email.

The easier conveyancing has resulted in some legal firms passing these savings on to clients because they have been able to reduce costs themselves. As is the case in any field of business, some solicitors have kept their fees at previous levels to maximise profits in what is a competitive field. Potential clients will be told that the higher fees will result in a better conveyance service but this is not necessarily the case of course.

The conveyance of a property can be a complicated business and difficult for the first time buyer especially to understand. That is why it is important to use a solicitor who has on online tracker updating service so that the client can see exactly what is happening. Of course, any conveyance these days will want to keep clients fully updated on the conveyance as theirs is a service industry and as in any business field, they need to keep the customer happy to get repeat conveyance business and recommendations.

Clients should not be afraid to call their solicitor to keep up with the conveyance. After all, it is the conveyance that will allow clients to move into their property without a hitch and without legal problem.

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Ingrams Solicitors

Very good service, completed on time and always responded to emails.. Mortgage Broker, ST2. Rating: rating: 5 stars November, 2011

Butterworths Solicitors

Excellent service, both our main conveyancer (Fiona) and her assistant (katie) were pleasant and helpful throughout. All the conveyancing legalities were completed in a timely and efficient manner and we were ready to exchange well before any of the others in the chain. I am very satisfied with the service I had and would be happy to recommend to friends and family, or indeed use again in the future if required.. Client, AL8. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2011

Stephensons Solicitors LLP

little bit slow probably not your fault but overall communication btween you us broker lender it took six months instead of three or four weeks as promissed by broker who i believe you work with. Client, IG1. Rating: rating: 5 stars October, 2013

Butterworths Solicitors

We has a great experience with Fiona Lamb and her assistant Katie. They were helpful, prompt and easy to get hold of. We were first time buyers and did not really have a clue but they were very helpful and knowledgeable. Would defo use them again if we move.. Client, SW2. Rating: rating: 5 stars November, 2011

Beaumont Legal

excellent feedback throughout.. Mortgage Broker, IP33. Rating: rating: 5 stars October, 2013

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

We had Suzy Jarzyna dealing the conveyance of our property. I cant recomend her highly enough. She was very professional and responded quickly to emails we sent. I would without doubt use Suzy again and recomend her.. Client, GL20. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2011