Conveyancing costs explained

Conveyancing Fees. examines the subject.

Conveyancing Costs

1. Conveyancing costs vary wildly

It's true. You could get 100 different quotes for getting exactly the same work done. Some quotes will be low, and some will be extremely high. Let's be clear from the start. It doesn't matter what you pay. The work is the same - it's identical!

Yes, there may be some variation in the quality, speed and standard of service you receive, but trust us - the price you pay will have little bearing on the quality of service you receive! You could pay top whack, and still receive less than satisfactory service.

Why is this?

Quite simply: Solicitors that don't specialise in conveyancing often don't do the volume of work or have the correct setup to be efficient. They can't pass any savings on to you.

Some solicitors will just charge too much, because they know that people prefer to use someone local, or don't shop around.

2. What are the £99 deals out there?
Don't be conned! You may get a remortgage for £99, but you won't get your conveyancing for that. There will, at the very least VAT on that, and the shortfall in the legal fee will be made up for in the disbursements.

Disbursements are where solicitors like to hide a load of charges, and bump their earnings up. Disbursements contain some necessary evils, such as the land registry fee, and telegraphic transfer fees (watch out for big mark-ups on this item). But other items, such as form filling charges, photocopying fees etc. are just a way of ripping you off.

3. How can AgentQuote help me?

AgentQuote offers a wide variety of solicitors specialised in conveyancing from all around the UK. These experts will help reduce the time spent waiting for your case to be solved with the highest degree of professionalism.

Being specialised in conveyancing means that they know every small detail related to the conveyancing process so they might even be able to cut into the conveyancing costs and pass some savings on to you!

Also, our prices are guaranteed to be transparent. The quotes you receive have the prices fully disclosed so you will know exactly what it is that you are paying for so there will be no surprises when you get the bill.

AgentQuote is proof that quality doesn't always depend on the price, so you can actually get a great deal at a very low price!

Get a quote now from, you won't be disappointed. Just click on one of the buttons above and you'll get a real quote, easy, instant and free!

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

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I found Mr Tyl and his team very helpful and able to provide me with useful advice throughout my recent rather prolonged property purchas. I wouldnt hesitate to recommend them.. Client, AL4. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2011


My conveyancing went through very smoothly. When I did need to discuss issues with Peter he was always very helpful. I would recommend this service.. Client, BN43. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2009

The John W Davies Partnership LLP

Really pleased with the service, recommended and will use again. Mortgage Broker, B70. Rating: rating: 5 stars February, 2014

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Excellent communication throughout a trying sale and purchase. I would recommend Chadwick Lawrence highly. . Client, LS18. Rating: rating: 5 stars September, 2011

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

I found Suzy to be very helpful and kept me informed at all times, I would recommend on'line conveyancing as the cheaper efficient option. . Client, HAMPSH. Rating: rating: 5 stars February, 2012

fwdlaw associates

Very smooth and easy ' any probelms explained and feedback given as needed. Client, BR7. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2010