Helping you to understand what conveyancing fees are.

Conveyancing Fees. What are they? What will they be for me?.

What are conveyancing fees?

Are you thinking about moving home? Are you interested in buying or selling a property? Then you should know that one of the first things to do is to get a conveyancing quote so you will be able to get a better understanding of how much it will cost you. Remember though, the conveyancing process is only one piece of the puzzle.

If you are wondering what conveyancing fees are, there are two ways to look at this question.

The first way is to ask: what are the conveyancing fees comprised of?

The answer to this question is an answer of two parts:

Firstly, the solicitor (or licensed conveyancer) will charge you a "professional fee" for their services. This is to cover their time and expertise in handling your case.

Secondly, you will be charged for the "disbursements", which cover a whole host of additional charges. Some of these additional charges, such as the land registry fee and search fees are unavoidable. Other additional charges are a bit of a con, so keep your eyes open for things such as "photocopying fees" and "completion of SDLT form fees".

The telegraphic transfer fee, the indemnity insurance, the costs for dealing with your existing mortgage, all the postage and faxing are fees and costs which you will find already included in the quotes received from the solicitors at AgentQuote whereas other solicitors might charge them separately.

The second way is to ask, specifically, "What will the fees be for undertaking my conveyancing transaction?" The answer to that question is simple: Use the form at the bottom of this page to request some quotes, and you will soon get a good idea of the kind of figure you should be paying for a quality conveyancing service, as well as a more detailed list of the things for which you will be paying.

At we offer a truly great money saving opportunity. Our wide range of experienced solicitors specialized in conveyancing are only a click away. Even though they might not be local, working with them will be just as easy. If you need to convince yourself of the quality of the services provided, you are more than welcome to read the customer reviews on each solicitor. We pride ourselves with good quality conveyancing solicitors who have 90% or better positive customer feedback.

And the best part? The solicitors provided by are cheaper and more transparent. When receiving a quotation, what you see is exactly what you pay.

So why not ask for a quotation right now? It's instant and free of charge.

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Beaumont Legal

Kept us informed over email, which really helped with the time difference between the UK and Australia.. Mortgage Broker, CV8. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2009

fwdlaw associates

My few direct contacts with the solicitor (Bernice) were very positive. Whenever I spoke to her I thought she was helpful and clear in explaining the position. A lot of my contact was with Bernices assistant This was generally OK, but I had a few concerns: 'The main one was responsiveness to phone messages: when she wasnt available, and Id leave a message, I almost never received a reply. I always had to chase. This alone would put me off using fwdlaw again. 'On one issue she was gave me confusing explanations, that were at odds with that I received from Bernice. I appreciate the assistant isnt a solicitor, but in that case she should avoid trying to go beyond her expertise: it simply generates confusion.. Client, IG4. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2011

Beaumont Legal

Client decided against the purchase at mortgage offer stage but solicitors gave a great service . Mortgage Broker, TF11. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2014

Nigel Broadhead Mynard

Really excellent service, highly recommended, hassle free, great communication from my solicitor. I have engaged the same solicitor to now deal with my purchase.. Client, CW9. Rating: rating: 5 stars October, 2010

Beaumont Legal

Only slight negative is that I was only warned with two days notice to transfer funds, but I think the onus was and should have been on me to expect this request.. Client, HD8. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2014

Beaumont Legal

After an initial delay because our allocated solicitor left your company, everything went smoothly and quickly. Mr Macauley was very helpful and responded quickly to any queries.. Mortgage Broker, LE7. Rating: rating: 5 stars September, 2008