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Moving home is a serious business. There are so many costs involved that at times it makes you want to stop and think if it is indeed the right thing to do.

But all the financial shocks can be reduced by carefully planning your way into this complicated realm.

By now, you already know that if you want to sell your house you have to think about the estate agency fees, the removal costs, the legal costs and all the jiggery pokery that comes along with them.

The legal fees are by far some of the nastier ones. The conveyancing fees and charges differ from solicitor to solicitor as does the quality and timeliness of the work.

Some may say that cheaply priced solicitors may not be of a high enough quality, but this is only proof that they probably haven't tried AgentQuote solicitors!

At AgentQuote.co.uk we can show you instant quotes from multiple solicitors carefully selected from all around the UK.

How do you know they are good at what they are doing? Well, to answer that question all you have to do is to read the reviews. Our solicitors have over 90% positive customer feedback which allows you to benefit from cheap and high quality services.

All of your quotes come with the following promises:

• The price you see is the price you pay
• No hidden costs
• No-move No-fee.
• Quality solicitors

If you have any questions then you can simply call our help-line.

We bring you some of the best value-for-money conveyancing quotes available on the web today.

Not all conveyancing quotes are the same, and there are many pitfalls when searching for conveyancing prices on-line.

You may have noticed in your search for a good conveyancing deal that some solicitors advertise a really low price. Don't be fooled by that. What they really advertise is the fee they take for their expertise and time spent dealing with your case. In fact, the real price they charge is hidden underneath other costs and charges so, you will still end up paying it full and over the top.

We pride ourselves on our "no hidden charges" guarantee, which prohibits our solicitors from hiding costs and charges. This means that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

If you're looking for a great value conveyancing quote then you've come to the right place. Click on one of the buttons above to choose the right solicitors for you, fill in the form and enjoy the ride!

It's free, fast and fun (well, at least free and fast)!

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

They were great! And I will be using them again when I find another house.. Client, NE8. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2013

Mark Swatts Morse LLP

Sarah was excellent throughout the process. The service was thorough, timely and regularly communicated. I will certainly seek her services for any future conveyancing needs.. Client, TW9. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2013

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Julie Newsum was our solicitor and dealt with the sale of our property. I must say excellent service throughout. All emails were dealt with within half an hour and on the day of completion I would say all emails were answered within 10 minutes! I was kept informed every step of the way and have no complaints at all.. Client, LS25. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2011

Beaumont Legal

I am still waiting for the final settlement payment, but overall I was very pleased with Beaumont Legal. It was sometimes difficult to get my specified solicitor on the phone, but I always found someone who could help with the file. Overall, very speedy and efficient. William Gould. Client, HG1. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2010

Lawcomm Solicitors

I found your company provided a perfectly satisfactory service.. Client, PL3. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2009

Butterworths Solicitors

Client not prooceeding with purchase anymore but initial dealings with this firm were great. Mortgage Broker, UB1. Rating: rating: 5 stars August, 2013