cost of conveyancing

Afraid of having to pay over the odds?. AgentQuote helps keeping the cost of conveyancing low with great deals.

cost of conveyancing

Moving home is expensive, isn't it?

One of the most stressful aspects of moving home is the financial side of things.

The biggest worry is not knowing how much things will cost. How much will the Estate Agent charge? How much will the removals be? What will I have to pay in stamp duty? What are the legal fees?

Once you have accepted an offer when selling your property or once you have found a property to buy and have agreed a purchase price, you will need a solicitor to take care of legal matters.

To the first time buyer especially, this can be a daunting prospect but it is very easy these days to get an accurate idea about the conveyancing costs from a variety of sources. Your Estate Agent will probably suggest a local solicitor and it is a good idea to get conveyancing costs from that source. However, there are cheaper deals to be had so do not rush in to this! Often (but not always) the solicitor recommended by the Estate Agent will be paying that agent a referral fee and this, of course, is passed on to you in the cost of conveyancing.

The local solicitor will give you all the costs and will recommend that you use a local service as it is much easier and will enable you to drop in if you need to. Some clients like this but it often turns out to be a much more expensive option than if you shop around and are prepared to use an out of town solicitor. conveyancing costs are usually much lower and this has led to a huge increase in the number of people who use an "out of town" solicitor. It was recently reported that more people now use a "remote" solicitor than use a local one, purely because the conveyancing fees are usually lower and because you do not need to visit the solicitor’s office these days.

The best way to find a solicitor is to look on one of the many solicitor comparison sites such as, and

AgentQuote can help to put your mind at rest. Use our quotation buttons to get a quotation for the legal aspects of your move. Our solicitors are very competitively priced, but will not compromise on quality. Our solicitors have singed up to our "transparent pricing policy", which means that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

Author: Terry Davies

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Customer Reviews & Comments

Beaumont Legal

Very good conveyancing company. Always answer emails quick. I will strongly recommend it to my friends and relatives. . Client, KT13 8. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2012

Chadwick Lawrence LLP

Very pleased with the service and will use again. Mortgage Broker, GU18. Rating: rating: 5 stars December, 2011

Beaumont Legal

Considering the cost it was a very effective service and would recommend. Client, N8. Rating: rating: 5 stars April, 2011

fwdlaw associates

Leah and Abby are a great team, conscientious and supportive during the process. Nothing was made overcomplicated and everything went smoothly. I am very pleased I chose them for my conveyancing. Regards Jason Drew. Client, BS48. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2011

In House HIP (home information pack)

Pleased with the result of the HIP carried out on my property.. Client, HP14. Rating: rating: 5 stars April, 2010

Birchall Blackburn Law (BB Legal Ltd)

Karen Williams was the solicitor who managed our case. Through the process Karen was excellent. She was prompt in her responses and very clear with the status of things. And she did a great job of getting everything sorted before the Stamp Duty Exemption window closed. I would definitely recommend Karen and Burchall Blackburn to new home buyers/sellers and will be using them again in the future for my next home transaction. Thank you. Client, NW10 6. Rating: rating: 5 stars March, 2012