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What is Online Conveyancing?

It's an interesting question! Conveyancing is always done by a qualified person, be it a solicitor or a licenced conveyancer. So what we're really taking about here is using the Internet to find a really good value quotation from a really good quality solicitor. specialises in helping you to instantly compare quotations from multiple solicitors.

If you're looking on the Internet for these legal services, then you're one of the clever ones who has already realised that using a local solicitor is just a good way to waste even more money during the property sale / purchase processes.

Many of those who have tried a local solicitors probably wish they have considered other means before making their decision.

The solicitors who have been referred to you by your estate agent are paying a fee for this service, a fee which will be later found hidden in the legal fees on your bill.

Do you really want to trade that sofa you saw which might be the missing puzzle piece of your living room for the 'advantage' of being able to walk into the solicitor's office for a talk?

Furthermore, local solicitors might not be specialised in conveyancing as they are part of a small firm which has to deal with many other kinds of legal matters.

Our quotes are extremely competitive and come from a panel of quality, experienced solicitors. We collect feedback on all of our solicitors, and we simply do not allow any that don't make the mark to stay on the panel.

At you are guaranteed a high-end, quality service. The solicitors we provide are professional and efficient with a lot of experience in conveyancing, given this is what they are specialised in.

Be careful though. You may find yourself lured by low prices advertised by many of the sites which offer online conveyancing. These prices turn out to be just the solicitor's fee for their time spent handling your case and their expertise, fee which is only a part from the real price.

The quotes you receive from AgentQuote are 100% real, as the prices are fully disclosed. No hidden charges mean what you see on the quote you get is exactly what you pay.

Need more reasons to choose online conveyancing? Then just think how time efficient it will be to communicate through post, Internet, telephone or fax rather than setting appointments and walking in your solicitor's office.

If you fear that you might not get your messages across by using any other means than face to face meetings, please don't.

We all know how easy communication difficulties can arise and maybe communication can be even easier facilitated over the phone, Internet or post since it lacks the real human interaction element which means we are less prone to let our emotions affect us.

Online conveyancing couldn't be any simpler and safer than that.

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Author: Terry Davies

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Overall a hassle free process. Mortgage Broker, IP29. Rating: rating: 5 stars July, 2009

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