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I'm buying a property. What legal fees can I expect to pay?.

What Are Solicitor's Fees For Buying A House?

There are many fees and charges that a solicitor may lay at your door during the property purchase process.

However, a good solicitor won't charge you for the following items:

* Their legal fee if your case does not complete.
* Redemption of your existing mortgage
* Professional indemnity insurance
* Dealing with your mortgage lender
* All postage and printing
* Completing Stamp Duty Land Tax Return

A typical breakdown of costs would then consist of

1 - Legal fee, for the solicitor's time and expertise.
2 - Telegraphic Transfer Fee (for sending money around electronically)
3 - VAT
4 - Land Registry Fee
5 - Local Authority Searches
6 - Bankruptcy Searches
7 - Priority Search
8 - Drainage Search Fee

Some solicitors may charge you other costs - but remember - the quotes on are all inclusive.

Every solicitor will have his/her own pricing and the sum will vary quite a lot, but keep in mind: a high cost doesn't automatically mean that you'll get your money's worth!

Searching for a conveyancing solicitor on line may also pose some more dangers. If you have used your search engine to look for conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors you surely have stumbled upon those flashy adverts offering conveyancing at prices as low as £99 (most of them, if not all, without VAT).

Keep your eyes open and read the fine print before accepting any deals. Those prices are in fact only for the sale/purchase conveyancing cost and do not represent the TOTAL.

AgentQuote provides you with transparent quotes. What you see is exactly what you pay! The pricing is fully disclosed so you simply just can't pass on this opportunity.

Even more! At you will not pay anything extra if your case doesn't complete, or for the redemption of your existing mortgage, the completing Stamp Duty Land Tax Return, all postage and printing , professional indemnity insurance or dealing with your mortgage lender.

We have the best value for money offer on the market as well as some of the best conveyancing solicitors from every corner of the UK! Packed with experience and professionalism they will handle your case in the most efficient manner you can get.

We also offer a help-line. If you have any questions you can simply call and ask our expert partners at the Property Law Group. They will certainly set some light over the entire conveyancing process.

Don't be let down by most solicitor's fees for buying a house. Come to AgentQuote and make your dream of moving come true! All it takes is for you to click on one of the buttons above to get your free, instant quote!

Author: Terry Davies

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Harding Evans LLP

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I am still finding it hard to believe that a relatively simple house sale (no chain, no mortgage, vacant possession) managed to take just over five months... As the fault lay squarely with the vendors High Street solicitor I have no negative comments to make about my solicitor, Katie Lockyer, other than perhaps she could have been a little more bullish in speeding the process up. That aside, Katie was conscientious and efficient, returned my calls promptly and kept me informed of developments on a regular basis. The feedback from the estate agents was that she acted diplomatically and professionally in her dealings with the other party ' no small feat. (Had it been left up to me I probably would have gone around there with a hatchet...) Overall then a positive experience and I would definitely recommend Katie, and this company, to potential house buyers. Thank you.. Client, WR14 4. Rating: rating: 5 stars April, 2012