Comparing solicitor fees for transfer of title

What are solicitor fees for transfer of title?. AgentQuote explains what transfer of title is. Instantly compare fees.

What are solicitor fees for transfer of title?

Firstly, let us establish by what we mean by transfer of title. This is process whereby the title of ownership of property is transferred from one person or entity to another person or entity (by entity, we mean a business). This process is usually known as conveyancing, and it is best done by a properly trained and qualified solicitor.

Some ambitious people do try to do their own conveyancing. We're not putting ideas into your head here. Conveyancing is a process that is best left to the professionals.

If you what to get a good idea of the fees that you could be paying, then use our quotation form at the top of this page. Our pricing is guaranteed, transparent and competitive.

Author: Terry Davies

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