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The definition of conveyancing

Noun: conveyancing - conveyancing is the act of transferring a property title from one person to another person.

The Conveyancing aspect of Buying property

The buyers solicitor/conveyancer will apply for searches from a variety of sources including the local authority, and they will appraise the contract for sale they have received.

The buyers solicitor/conveyancer must be satisfied that the buyer has sufficient funds available to complete the transaction. In order to do this they will request proof of available savings or other funding and if the buyer is borrowing money through a mortgage, the solicitor will need to receive a copy of the formal mortgage offer.

If there are items in the contract for sale that the buyers solicitor/conveyancer is not happy with, they will raise queries with the other seller's solicitor/conveyancer on the buyers behalf.

Once any queries have been resolved, the searches have been received and approved of and proof of funds are verified, both parties will be in a position to exchange contracts.

Some Dundonald Solicitors

Important Note: Some of these dundonald solicitors may not offer legal services for property. Please use our quotation request form to compare quotations from solicitors that offer legal services for property, and with coverage for the dundonald area. Because of our special agreement we are always cheaper than going to a panel solicitor direct.

  Firm: Kennedy
  Address: 1000 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT16 1RN
  Telephone: 028 90418962
  Note: The dundonald solicitor, Kennedy may not offer legal conveyancing services for dundonald property.

  Firm: Michael Andress & Co
  Address: 961 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT16 1RL
  Telephone: 028 90484188
  Note: The dundonald solicitor, Michael Andress & Co may not offer legal conveyancing services for dundonald property.

  Firm: McCullough & Co
  Address: 734 Upper Newtownards Road, Belfast, BT16 1RJ
  Telephone: 028 90482800
  Note: The dundonald solicitor, McCullough & Co may not offer legal conveyancing services for dundonald property.

  Firm: Brangam Bagnall
  Address: 69-71 Comber Road, Belfast, BT16 2AE
  Telephone: 028 90488800
  Note: The dundonald solicitor, Brangam Bagnall may not offer legal conveyancing services for dundonald property.

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