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There are many big-brand personal injury companies advertising on the television at the moment - but did you know that in the main they simply sell you on as a lead to the highest bidder? Is that how you want your claim to be treated? - If not, then please read on.

Treating you and your claim with respect

We appreciate that a personal injury, be it an accident at work, a trip, slip or fall or a road accident can be very traumatic - with devastating effects on your life.

An accident in Loughton could result in loss of earnings or even long-term health problems. These could have a significant financial impact on you and your loved ones for many years to come. Your accident could result in you finding it very difficult to get a job in Loughton in the future, due to the nature of your injury.

If your accident wasn't your fault, then this is grossly unfair - and it is right that you should seek compensation.

At a time like this you need to be treated with respect, rather than being harassed by multiple sales people and personal injury specialists who have purchased your enquiry as a lead.

We aim to be different

At AgentQuote.co.uk we aim to be different. Your personal injury enquiry will be treated with respect and passed directly and only to Barnetts Solicitors, our compensation specialist. They will review your case and decide if you are able to proceed with your claim.

Of course, you can expect the following as standard:

  • Keep all of your compensation
  • No win, no fee
  • Other party pays legal costs
  • Free, impartial review of your case
  • Barnetts is a specialist Solicitor that handles Loughton compensation claims
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"At Barnetts our clients are names not numbers.

Our highly trained team of lawyers will provide a personal service second to none, backed-up by the best in modern technology.

We guarentee a no-win no-fee service, and you will receive your compensation in full."

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Personal Injury Thoughs & Comments

Blame ?

You have the right to claim compensation if you are injured through no fault of your own. If someone else is to blame, be it an individual or a company, you should speak to a Personal Injury specialist to seek advice as soon as possible. It is so important to get advice as soon after the incident as you possibly can to increase your chance of success.


Many accidents occur due to trips. It's easy to trip over something. Culprits can include stock or packaging left in a silly place in a shop, uneven pavements, badly maintained pavements or damaged curb stones. Whatever the cause of your trip - if it was due to someone else's poor maintenance, negligence or things being left in foolish places, then you should speak to a lawyer to assess your case.


When surfaces are wet, greasy or oily it is very easy to slip, and seriously hurt oneself. It is not unreasonable, when in a building which is open to the public, to expect the floor to be in a good state of repair and safe to walk on. If there has been a spillage of any kind, making the floor unsafe then it is the responsibility of a staff member to ensure that adequate signage and / or cordoning off is in place to protect visitors from slipping - until the spill is cleaned up. Of course, one must report any such spills to a responsible person as soon as is possible.

Taking Care

Most companies take great care to guard their employees from accidents or injury in the workplace butunfortunately accidents still can occur. This can often be a result of oversight from the company itself. In such cases, someone needs to assume responsibility for injury caused.

Loughton Personal Injuries

Loughton is not exempt. Across Great Britain, every day, accidents occur, and people get hurt. In no small number of these cases the injured party is not at fault for their injuries - and in these cases they may perhaps have an entitlement to a compensation claim.

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